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Aircon Services

Air Conditioning Servicing


  • dismantle and chemical wash fan coil cover

  • dismantle and chemical wash fan coil filter

  • dismantle and chemical wash drain pan (if possible)

  • vacuum cooling fin

  • vacuum blower wheel
    (if possible)

  • vacuum drainpipe that cause water leaking

(R22 Freon)
(R410A Freon)

Dismantling of whole unit and NOT just spraying chemical on fin.

 Gas Topping Available

 We provides other services such as:

 1. Supply and installation for all types of
     air conditioning for residential,
     condos, landed property and offices
 2. Per call general service &

 3. Yearly maintenance contract
 4. Chemical Cleaning Services
 5. Troubleshooting & replacement of
     spare parts

 6. Pumping, water leaking problems
 7. Wiring and electrical installation

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air con repair services


Airconditioning Repair and Servicing

Hope Engineering Pte Ltd specializes in air-conditioning cleaning, repairs and maintenance. As Singapore’s premier air-conditioning company, we can truly meet all your HVAC needs within time and budget.  Whether your Air-con unit is iced or simply not getting cold, we offer professional servicing and on-site repair for all major Air-con brands. This includes regular maintenance, water leaks, fancoil issues and even noisy or smelly aircon units. We also specialize in aircon tripping, icing and even parts replacement and repairs. 

Air Con Repair Services

With years of experience, we are proud to offer Aircon sales and installations for both residential and commercial clients. Our servicing and maintenance contract guarantees professional and timely aircon service. If you have not received aircon maintenance in the past 6 months, your HVAC units are vulnerable to icing and extensive damages. Let us fix your units with high quality and professional service today. We also offer special deals and discounts for all Singapore customers, homes and businesses.

Aircon Replacement

Hope Engineering Pte Ltd also specializes in aircon replacement. From fancoil substitute to full system overhauls, we have the tools and expertise to restore proper air-conditioning options. We also replace any parts and components, which were damaged from water leaking and other A/C problems. With full and complete options, you can get back to enjoying the crisp and cool air of your air con unit!

Worried About Leaking Air Con? Contact Us

If you are worried about your leaking air con unit, help is right around the corner. We offer full maintenance and new part options for all water leaking air conditioning units. With years of dedicated experience, we can resolve all your air-conditioner cleaning and maintenance problems:

• Maintenance or replace spare parts
• Air-con Servicing Maintenance Contract
• Air-con Sale and Installation for Residential & Commercial Units

For more information, please contact us and we can offer you some “hope” today!

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